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We offer a comprehensive range of textile auxiliaries, performance chemicals and colorants.

Spin finishes and Lubricants for : Polyamide, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyacrylic   Cellulosic, Fiberglass

Natural, modified and synthetic sizes - Additives and lubricants - Products for size recovery

Fabric pre-treatment by both exhaust and continuous methods on all fibre types. Products include:

Detergents, Surfactants, Bleaching agents, Wetting agents, Dispersing agents, Chelating agents, Defoamers, Enzymes, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers and lubricants.

Dyeing of textiles including knitted and woven fabrics, yarn and sewing thread, fiber / loose stock and garments.

Products Include:

Dispersants, Levelling agents, Retarders, Reserving agents, Dye-bath lubricants, Sequesterants, Wetting agents, Antimigrants, Defoamers, Detergents and Soaping agents, Oxidizing agents, Reducing agents. 

Printing by rotary and flat screen methods on various fibre types, by both direct and indirect methods.

Products include:

Binders, Thickeners, Emulsifiers, Softeners, Rheology modifiers, Fixing agents, Fixation accelerators, Reducing agents, Anti-reducing agent, Soaping agents, Discharge printing and Resist printing products.

A wide range of specialty finishing products for all types of fabrics and garments. Products include:

Bio polishing enzyme, Various types of Softeners, Filling and Stiffening agents, Anti-slipping agent, Stitch lubricants, Crease-resist resins (low formaldehyde and formaldehyde free ), Anti- static agents , Antibacterial finishes, Water and oil repellents   Soil and Stain release, Flame retardants, Fastness improving agents  (cationic fixing, syntan and back tanning). 

Product for all processes associated with garment processing: i.e. preparation, dyeing, finishing and special effects.

Reactive dyes, Disperse dyes, Acid dyes, Metal complex dyes, Vat dyes, Basic dyes   Direct dyes, Azoic dyes, Pthalogen dyes, Luminous Dyes ( Acid, Disperse and Pigment)   High visibility/reflective dyes , Pigments, Plastisols, Digital Printing Inks.    

Standard and Tinted Optical Brightening Agents for all fibre types.


What We Offer